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Executive Advisory Services

Here's a short video with an overview of Gary's executive advisory services:

To inquire about owner/executive advisory services from Gary,

click here to answer a short survey

Or, for quicker action, sign up for a complimentary 20-minute phone call with Gary, to chat about your issues and see if he might be able to help.

Whether you’re a senior executive in a company, or the owner of a business, Gary’s ability to see things from others’ perspectives can help you see the way clear. Have you ever been in one of these situations?

  • You have a group or team trying to accomplish something, but it’s stuck. Why or how it got stuck is not clear, but there’s no progress. People seem to be working, but things are not getting done.

  • You have some team members who should be working together, but they’re not. You’re not sure why this is, because they still all seem polite and respectful to one another, but things are not getting done.

  • You have one or two people in key positions in your company who are not performing, but you aren’t sure if you should try to re-focus them or replace them.

  • You need to fill a key senior executive position and want an impartial, outside perspective on candidates and how they might fit with your team.

  • You’re trying to get your board, or a group of stakeholders, to move in a certain direction. Their ideas and opinions are widely dispersed. Discussions become circular and don’t result in clear decisions.

Gary has worked with business owners and senior executives to solve these and other issues. Respond to the survey above to start a dialogue with him.

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