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Client Comments

What some have said about Gary as a senior executive advisor and consultant:

"One of the best at taking a complex situation and reducing it to a short list of critical issues to resolve."

S.H., San Jose, CA

"Helped us see the way clear on what we needed to do to grow our company."

A.R., East Syracuse, NY


"Gary is a master at making things 'clear, concise, and compelling.' He definitely practices what he preaches."

S.D., Portland, OR


"Quickly understood our needs then provided solutions to the point where we no longer had to worry at all about that aspect of our business."

R.M., Santa Clara, CA


"A highly skilled strategist."

D.S., Syracuse, NY

"His plan was complete and right on target. I couldn't even think of a single thing to add!"

G.F., Houston, TX

"Zeroed in on the organizational and product issues we needed to fix, and gave us clear recommendations for strategies to fix them."

B.R., Harrisburg, PA


"Delivered on his objectives as promised, in the timeframe promised."

J.G., DeWitt, NY


"Bringing [Gary] in saved us probably $75,000 in potentially wasted time and effort. I'm glad we did this project!"

R.R., North Syracuse, NY


"Brought some interrelated issues into focus for me. He made effective and just plain sensible recommendations that I'll be implementing."

J.S., Campbell, CA

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